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Mochi Monsters

“Mochi Monsters is an original color-based endless hopper, very easy to play but hard to master! Jump all your way up before the paint hides your platforms – or reveals the deadly traps!


Do you ever feel the need of squeeze something extremely cute? Sometimes you see a puppy so adorable it drives you crazy? You want to bite the life out of that little soft baby? Well, don’t worry, that’s actually normal!

The answer lie in the phenomenon known as cute aggression. Sometimes we want to squeeze cute, eat cute, gobble cute, pinch cute and all because the cuteness is unbearable. It’s actually a brain self de-stressing gimmick!

We’re huge fans of this so-called phenomenon, and we designed Mochi Monsters keeping this interesting concept in mind. Every color, every sound, every little visual detail has been carefully selected to inspire you a cute overdose. You’re welcome!”

First edition: June de 2017



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